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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Letter - New Calling, Pinewood Derby

February 5, 2017

It has been a nice week.  Monday I watched my friend Sunny’s daughter.  She slept for three and a half hours during the morning and then I took her went shopping at Costco with Tilly and me after lunch.  She was pretty easy to watch. 

Tuesday morning I went to visit Puring for her birthday.  She seems happy.  Tuesday and Wednesday nights I helped with our ward’s pinewood derby weigh ins.  Sadly I had to miss Spencer’s basketball game in Coolidge. 

Wednesday after school Marlee had her 3rd art lesson.  I hired Miranda Moulton, a laurel in our ward, to teach Marlee art lessons since Marlee does not want to play soccer or any other sports.  She LOVES her lessons and has been working hard to do her chores everyday so she could have them.  Miranda is a great teacher and comes with good projects for Marlee to learn and work on. 

Thursday morning I had Cub Scout round table.  I’ll be honest.  It was boring.  I do not love round table, but my former stake president promised us while referring specifically to round table that if we are where we are supposed to be, when we are supposed to be there, we will receive revelation that we may be seeking in other areas of our life.  So I go to round table when I have a scout calling.  Thursday night Bryant had his first football game.  His team lost, but not by much.  They have improved a great deal since their scrimmage two weeks ago.  Sadly, Bryant didn’t get to play at all.  He might not get much playing time this year since it is a 7th and 8th grade team and there are four 8th graders who are bigger than him who also play tight end.  I told him to keep hustling in practice and show the coaches what he can do.

Friday morning Chad, Tilly and I went to flag ceremony at the girls’ school since Marlee was named student of the month for her class.  I’m so proud of her and I’m happy she received the award.  She is such a sweet girl.  Friday night Spencer had a basketball game at ALA.  I told him if he got 10 rebounds during the game I would take him to get a Blizzard at Dairy Queen.  He got 8 rebounds, which is a big improvement for him.  He has three games this coming week before his season is over to see if he can get 10 rebounds in a game and earn a Blizzard. 

Yesterday my sister-in-law Jen and I went to a free painting class at the Queen Creek Library.  We were taught how to paint flowers.  It was really fun.  I couldn’t believe how great a class it was and it was completely free, including all the supplies.   There were so many spots left open too.  I hope I can go again sometime.  Thank you for going with me Jen!  I have developed a lot for painting and art.  Someday I hope to take lessons.  I guess I could have Miranda teach me too, but I don’t want to take over Marlee’s lessons.

Yesterday evening was our ward pinewood Derby.  Chad was asked to make a slow car to ensure that all the boys would win a race.  He named it Fast Money.  It is pretty cool.  It was the slowest car at the races, so he did what he set out to do!  The bishop was also there with his slow car and he and Chad got to race their cars with the boys and talk trash and stuff.  It was fun for them and the boys.  I enjoyed the evening a lot.  I made little candy race car awards for the boys.  They were fun to make.

Today I got a new calling, I still have my cub scout calling and won’t be released from it, but now I am also the Sunday school teacher for the 12 year olds!!  I’m so excited about it.  I get to teach Bryant.  There are 16 kids in our class.  They are a very good class.  Now that my calling is official, I had each of the kids fill out a “favorite things” questionnaire that I made up for my YW so I could get to know what their favorite treats, snacks, foods, hobbies, etc. are.  That way I get to know them better and I can take them their favorite treats on their birthdays and/or when they may be struggling or something like that.  A Sunday school teacher may be the greatest calling in the church.  You get to work with the youth, but you don’t have to plan mutual so you’re not so busy.

It is pretty cool that Chad got to give me my new church calling.  He also got to set me apart today.   Chad asked me if I would accept the calling on Tuesday or Wednesday morning after he was all dressed up and in a suit ready to go to work.  He walked in the kitchen and said, “Oh by the way will you accept a calling to teach the 12 year old Sunday school class” before he headed out to work.  He knew I would accept because I told him a few times I would love to teach that class if the bishopric didn’t have someone else they thought should teach it.  The bishop told me today that Chad let them know that I wanted to teach the class, but that wasn’t why I got the calling.  He said they felt like I was the person the Lord wanted to teach that class.  It is always very reassuring to know the Lord is behind you in your calling.    

My quotes for today are from lesson three in President Hinckley Relief Society/Priesthood manual. 
“There is also in our society a sad tendency among many of us to belittle ourselves. Other persons may appear to us to be sure of themselves, but the fact is that most of us have some feelings of inferiority. The important thing is not to talk to yourself about it. … The important thing is to make the best of all that we have.”

I love that he counsels us not to talk to ourselves about how we feel inferior to others.  We need to silence our negative self-talk and do the best of what we can do.


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